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Run-of-the-mill water leaks can cause significant damage to your home. But a slab leak can be even more devastating to your property because it’s harder to detect and can silently erode your foundation.

So how can you stop slab leaks from damaging your property? Partner with American Plumbing & Leak Detection to keep your home in excellent shape and worry-free with expert slab leak detection services.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak occurs in the pipes under your home’s foundation, causing water to leak into the surrounding earth and slab foundation. Left undetected and untreated, this can cause severe foundational damage to your home as soil and cement is eroded and your foundation is left free to shift and crack.

Slab leaks are most common in places like California, where lots of earthquakes occur that can cause pipes to shift and break, as well as in older homes with older pipes that may be corroding.

How to Recognize a Slab Leak in Your Home

Before anything can be done to treat a slab leak, you have to recognize what’s causing your problem.

Indicators of a slab leak may include:

  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • Warm spots under your floor (if it’s a hot water pipe that burst)
  • Parts of the floor have formed domes
  • You hear running water even when all appliances are turned off
  • Mildew around your baseboards and walls
  • Foundation “heaves” or becomes displaced

Why Choose American Plumbing & Leak Detection for Slab Leak Detection

We have the expertise, equipment, and skill to handle the essential task of detecting and repairing slab leaks. American Plumbing & Leak Detection can help preserve the structural integrity of your home by detecting and repairing slab leaks early. Some of the best parts of working with us include:

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